About BioEnergy Healing

Bioenergy can provide deep mental and physical relaxation, enhancing your ability to deal with the current crisis. This loving care can bring pain and anxiety relief, and offer spiritual renewal. This treatment can be completed remotely, so is the perfect treatment during the isolation period.

How Bioenergy can help

Bioenergy healing can be done long-distance with minimal involvement from client.

Bioenergy healing is a non-invasive, gentle form of treatment. This treatment supports the body to heal itself, offering a balancing of energies which enhances general body functions, strengthens the immune system as well as targeting the specific area of concern. The treatments can be done remotely or in person. In person, areas of the body are held with gentle techniques applied. Remotely, the same procedure is applied but without direct touching. Treatments are calming and will often induce a deep relaxation. What is valuable is that you, or a loved one, can have access to this in your home even in states of deep distress.

Many cultures and medical systems recognize that Changes occur in the energetic field or aura long before they manifest as pain, symptoms or diagnosis. Vibrational disharmony causes illness; this treatment addresses that.

I would like to give an example of the level of impact it can have:

A client was violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea which weakened her considerably. Concerned, her husband reached out to me and gave requested consent for a session. Because she was sleeping, I instructed her husband to ask her to continue to rest if she woke up before I finished. At the same time I messaged that I had completed the session, her husband reported, she woke up and said, “I’m feeling better”. Over the course of four days of treatment, she was able to consume liquids, and the almost constant diarrhea and vomiting slowed down. She was on her way to reversing the illness.

The gentle power of this treatment makes it possible to treat someone who is feeling debilitated. It can also be used with healthy people to promote wellness and even support athletic training. Bioenergy can elevate pain for all injuries, for example those caused by accidents such as falls and concussions. It can be used to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, and to assist with pain wherever it occurs. I have vast experience of offering this as a distance treatment, including car accident victims, corneal scratches, dental surgery pain, acute low back pain and post traumatic hip fractures. In each case, there was relief of pain, improved sleep, and improved function.

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Contact Joy

Joy Seunarine has been a massage therapist for close to 30 years. Her constant seeking for answers to client’s issues brought her to Bioenergy healing. Bodywork/massage can help in many different cases. Bioenergy healing is simply another option, especially for those who have difficulty accessing treatment as it can be done remotely.

As Joy has developed her skill in subtle palpation working directly with the body, her intuitive sensing abilities has increased. She brings these perceptive abilities into her distance sessions using bioenergy healing. A balancing of the energy system of the body is the goal. This balancing will decrease pain and improve mobility of the body. Joy will often get intuitive impressions of the body that can be addressed with this modality or can be brought to a bodyworker for more in depth work. These findings can also be used to create a home-care program which Joy can help you with through coaching.

Joy’s training in massage therapy as well as continuing education in different modalities of body work has increased her wonder and amazement at the sophisticated system that is our body. The body holds an infinite capacity to heal; Joy harnesses this potential in her treatments.

She is a mystic, nature lover, massage therapist, advanced manual practitioner, poet and community builder.

Joy is passionate about supporting people to integrate their physical bodies with their spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects of self. She believes that when we become a master gardener of our internal landscape, everything changes. She offers treatment sessions, coaching sessions and on-going coaching programs.

Joy offers her compassion, her warmth, and her listening ear to reach out and support you on your journey.

To learn more about bioenergy healing or to get information on training as a practitioner please visit Ellen Lewinberg.